Video MarketingUnderstanding the Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing drives traffic and engagement. Videos can often convey information better than other kinds of content. Also, companies that produce videos promote more trust in their brand and its products.

SEO Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing directly influences search results. It is well known that video and other rich media are favored by search engine algorithms. Don’t forget – Google owns YouTube. Along with increased social integration, that plays a big role in the rising popularity of video. Google constantly adjusts their algorithm to better interpret and thereby satisfy user intent. Search engines increasingly show a variety of results, not just exact keyword matches, and search results pages now prominently feature videos.

Affordable Video Marketing Options

Level 1 Video

Text & Image

Level 1 videos are developed using content and images from your website along with stock photography.

Level 2 Video

Text, Image & Video

Level 2 videos use content and images from your website along with stock photography and stock video footage.

Level 3 Video

Text, Image, Video & Voiceover

Level 3 videos use content and images from your website, stock photography, and stock video footage along with a custom recorded voiceover.

Need More Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an effective tool for your company website that can help attract new leads, convert customers and foster trust in your brand.

Video Captivates

All of the millions of websites on the Internet are vying for attention. You can’t afford to ignore video marketing. When customers are searching for a service or researching a product, having interesting and captivating video content on your website catches their attention and gives them another way to interact with your site other than just reading text.

Video Converts

Unbounce reports that using video on your website improves your sales conversions by 80%. A lead generated from a user who has already interacted with your website will be higher quality and more likely to convert.

Video Builds Trust

Video can also give customers insight into your business, your company culture and your team. It gives them a sense of who they’re buying from or hiring for a service. This leads to an increases sense of trust in your brand. Even before meeting with you they’ve already begun to feel like they know you.

Overall, video is an excellent tool that can help your company grow and increase online engagement leading to increases sales volume. Contact us today to get started.