Three Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Although 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, showing up in the first page of search engine results isn’t the only way to market your business online. There are countless ways to get your name and image out there today. The importance of local online marketing often takes a backseat to the larger SEO platforms. So how can you make local marketing strategies work for your business? Here are three tips to help you get started.

An Up-to-Date Blog

One of the best online marketing strategies is blogging. Not only does it allow you to get creative with your web design and development, it allows you to branch out from the standard, sales-oriented content that accompanies products and services. Almost 80% of users will ignore paid ads anyway, choosing instead to focus on organic content. Creating regularly occurring, non-sales-oriented content will allow your company and your team to become established as experts in a chosen field, and it will allow you to create a relatable company persona for customers to connect with.

Look Consistent

As much as content creation may contribute to marketing online, there are other ways to generate buzz. A contemporary website design can do wonders for your local online marketing campaign. Creating a platform that is user-friendly, sleek, and simple will do wonders for your marketing campaign. In fact, nearly 46% of users say that a website’s design is crucial in determining the credibility of that company. Not only that, but your website design can actually make your content look more appealing!

Social Media

Countless people out there will tell you that social media is no way to go about marketing. In reality, however, it could help you in your local campaign. Not only that, but most social networking platforms have mobile-friendly websites and apps, which will make your reach even greater, considering that 70% of adults don’t even use the phone book anymore. A page on Facebook or a Twitter account could help you reach younger generations, as well. In such a technological age, social media followings can be huge contributors to marketing success.

The journey to successful online marketing may not be a quick one, but these three tips should help you get started as you make your way into the big leagues.

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