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Your Trusted Partner for Web Design in Maryland

Evans Design & Marketing, LLC is a Maryland web design company dedicated to bringing small and medium sized businesses into the modern era of web design in Maryland. It can be difficult to weed through the seemingly unending list of Maryland web designers that you’ll find in a Google search, but Evans Design & Marketing has been a trusted partner to businesses like yours since 1982.

01. Research & Planning

Through its setup and appearance, your website design should be able to attract customers as well as guide them through their experience easily.

At Evans Design & Marketing, we begin all our website projects by learning as much as we can about our clients. We need to understand what your goals are and what content needs to be present on the site to reach those goals.

02. Build & Testing

Users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to view websites. It is critical that websites be optimized for viewing on multiple screen sizes. That is why all of our sites are made responsive using HTML5 and CSS scripting.

A responsive site is a single version of a website that is coded to redraw for optimal viewing at any size while keeping a consistent look and feel. We will customize your website based on your explicit specifications. With a responsive website, a single version of your website will load on all devices. That includes desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

03. Marketing

Once your new website is up and running, it’s time to think about marketing it. Even the most amazing site does a business little good if no one can find it online. This is where our online marketing services come in. After a thorough review of your content we can make recommendations on how to improve what you have already. We can also provide a range of options for implementing ongoing relevant content as part of a comprehensive online marketing plan.

04. Maintenance

WordPress core files, plugins and themes are constantly being updated by their respective development teams to improve product performance, fix bugs, and patch possible security vulnuerabilities. Making sure your site files stay up to date is the best way to ensure your site is fast and secure.

We also include dedicated time for offering support services and/or implementing any changes you request to the content of your site pages.

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