The Top Online Marketing Trends

There are more than 100 billion global searches conducted every month, but where your website ranks on those search results depends entirely on the strategy you’re using for marketing online. The fiscal year is more than halfway over, which means there are plenty of online marketing trends that have surfaced on the Internet and become successful. In other words, it’s not too late to start using some of these trends to enhance your online marketing campaign. Here are a few that you should be paying attention to.

Wearable and Mobile Marketing

As the smartphone continues to grow as a primary source of internet connection for many people, mobile-friendly marketing and contemporary website design have become increasingly important. Companies like Facebook and Google consistently strive to create better mobile environments for their users, and those efforts have certainly paid off. In addition, wearable devices like Fitbit and smartwatches have become popular too, prompting more companies to use marketing strategies that cater to this get-up-and-go attitude that consumers are taking on.

Personalized Advertising

As the Internet grows, so does the number of advertisements. Unfortunately, users are starting to feel alienated when irrelevant ads are clogging up their websites and online experiences. In response, many companies — Google in particular — have begun to explore the idea of personalized advertisements. These advertisements take the user’s web history into account and then show ads relevant to their interests and recent searches. Not only does this provide a more organic user experience, it creates a sense of customization for the user.

App Marketing

Once again, the growing popularity of mobile devices has led to online marketing innovation. A growing number of companies are taking advantage of mobile apps as platforms to advertise. Users rely on apps nearly as much as they rely on traditional websites, which means that even web design services have adapted to create apps that could be a marketing advantage.

Online marketing trends are constantly changing, and it does everybody good to be aware of trends that are bringing success to countless companies around the world. With the best website design and a solid knowledge of current trends, your online marketing campaign is sure to be a success.

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